September 09, 2010

Lost Duck

It has been a very interesting week.  Tuesday evening we discovered our female duck was missing.  See, I'm pretty partial to my ducks.  We have a mated Mallard pair that we got from the local farm store just before Easter.  They were the last two ducklings for sale, and as ducklings, you can't tell which is a boy and which is a girl.  We waited patiently for over 10 weeks to discover which they were.  Easter time was still pretty chilly around here this year, so I kept the ducks in a big tub with a heat lamp in our bathroom.  These ducks have been spoiled rotten.  When the weather warmed up, I filled a grain tub with water and carried the ducks outside to swim and play.  We watched with great amusement, all the antics of these two ducks.  The time finally came to put them in the chicken yard, so we filled a child's pool for them and they loved it.  Now they are full grown and have taken to flying.  Not far, but they'll circle over the house only to go land in the pool.  They go everywhere together, so when she (Sarah) came up missing, we thought a hawk got her.  I called a neighbor friend of ours that had also gotten some ducks before Easter to see if he had had any trouble with his ducks.  No, he said, but his drake had taken to wandering (flying) off from time to time.  I tell you, the very next day, our friend calls me back to say that when he went to open up the chickens that morning, he found an extra duck hen by his coop.  He said that his drake had been missing for a few days, but now he was back and with our Sarah.  We went up there and sure enough, it was Sarah.  We couldn't catch her so we figured we'd wait for them to roost that evening.  When it came time for them to roost, Sarah was nowhere to be found.  Our friend said that he'd call us in the morning if she was there again so we could come get her.  That brings me to this morning.  Thanks to the hurricane coming up through Texas, it began raining early this morning.  Needless to say, Sarah wasn't up with the others this morning like she had been yesterday and I figure it was due to the rain.  Now can anyone tell me, why she wandered off or took off?  Poor Abraham, our drake, appears so lonely swimming in the pool by himself.  I tell you, since we started with the chickens, our lives have never been dull.  We branched out and got a few guineas, those birds are sure touchy regarding cold weather; we acquired a Blue Slate tom turkey last Thanksgiving to keep him from being dinner (his name is Supper); and then these ducks this spring.  We have killed more possum than I ever dreamed possible and today I was in the coop and leaned over only to come face to face with a big snake.  It was merely a black snake, but still, leaning over and discovering a snake's face right in front of you is shocking, I don't care who you are.  My dear husband simply removed him and sent him on his way.  Ick.  Well if anyone has any suggestions for me regarding my lost duck, please let me know!

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