December 16, 2012

A Simple Christmas

It is that peaceful time of year again.

Yes, Christmas ... peaceful.

Time to enjoy the peaceful rest of the winter season as nature does.

Time to enjoy and treasure family and friends.

I've found that the older I get, the more I discover what is truly worthwhile in life.

I've found that the simpler something is, the more I deeply enjoy it.

All of this marketed Christmas rush does nothing but teach us a "new normal".

Why?  For the almighty dollar.  

Christmas has been reduced to money and I for one, fell for it for quite awhile.

Not anymore.

What is on my list this season?

Time with loved ones, to truly look them in the eye and have a heart to heart conversation.

Making sure I say the important things that need to be said to them.

Laughing, sharing memories and most importantly, creating memories!

Ok, so how does one do this?  

By being intentional.  


I'm not sure too many of us can really get our minds around the heavy weight of responsibility this word carries, but we need to.


I believe it is different for each one of us, but instead of doing more for Christmas, try doing less.... on purpose.

If you only had one person to give a gift to, what would you do?  

How would you truly express what they mean to you?

Remember, it isn't truly the gift, it is how you make them feel.

What is the one thing that is MOST precious to each one of us?


One of my favorite things that I love to get from my precious Mother each year is a Christmas basket.

She carefully picks out little goodies that she knows I like.

Simple things, like my favorite nuts, favorite chocolate, favorite fruit, a handy kitchen gadget that she saw I needed last time she was in my kitchen, my favorite Christmas cookies that she makes just for me....whatever she can think of that is specific to me.

That gift says she knows me and that she remembers what I like, which makes me feel special.

It is simple.

It isn't something that took a lot of money.

It took a lot of heart.

That means something.

While thinking about these things, I decided to find simple ideas that say these things to those that I love.

For this I turn to others that are more creative than me for ideas.

Here is a cute little sack for giving homemade cookies instead of a store bought tin can.

It is a very simple tutorial for making these out of any fabric you choose.

Here is something else yummy to make, Cinnamon Honey Butter.

Follow the Source link to the tutorial and 15 other wonderful ideas.

Here's another great idea that could inspire your family member or friend down the path of learning to make their own someday!  What's that old saying 'Feed a man for a day, teach him to fish...."

This type of gift could help give back in so many ways by enlightening someone to the possibilities!

Here is another one that gives the gift of warmth.  

As she explains..."I've heard them referred to as microwaveable heating pads or therapy bags or microwave corn bags...but I don't think any of those terms adequately convey the feelings of homespun warmth and snuggle-ness that you feel when hugging one of these wonders."

I'd have to agree.  The recipient of this gift will remember you every time they use this and how this gift to them makes them feel.

Here is one of my favorites and this is the area that I truly need to be more Intentional with, small things that tell my husband how special he is to me.

Follow this Source to find several little ways to remind your husband that you know what he likes and that you have taken special time out of our your day to remind him.  This gal has come up with some cute ideas and maybe it will inspire you to come up with your own special ideas for him.

Another important thing to me is spending time creating Christmas memories with our children and grandchildren.  The older they get, the more creative it seems I need to be.  Thankfully, our daughter is creative and loves a table full of fabric, pine cones, glue guns etc....

Not only do you create memories, you have created something they can keep throughout their lives to remind them.

Here are a few ways to make homemade ornaments to have each year for them to hang on the tree.

For the little hands ...

For the bigger hands ...

There are SO many ideas out there, simply google 'Handmade Christmas Ornament' to find too many to choose from!

And last but not least, make some sweet memories with family.  Not just the children and grandchildren, but with great grandparents too.  

Grandparents and Great Grandparents are the core of family and should be included, if possible, in the whole family's memories.  Create a baking day for everyone to gather just to create!  Talk about having some precious memories and hopefully pictures!!

Here is one of our favorites to do because everyone gets to choose how they decorate them.

Follow this Source to find some yummy recipes!

And one more idea is to print or create your own gift tags.  There are some great ideas out there to make your gifts unique.

For many other hand made ideas, visit my All Things Christmas board on Pinterest and make this Christmas a little more simple.  

From our family to yours,
May you have a Blessed Christmas!!!


  1. Yes, simple is best! Lovely ideas to put more meaning in the gifts & decor too. Christmas blessings to you and yours my friend!

  2. Fantastic ideas! Thank you for sharing. Love the hubby one and the little stiched decorations with buttons.

  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful made me want to come by and sit on your porch with you sipping hot cider and sharing precious memories.

  4. Thanks for compiling all the great gift giving ideas! Merry Christmas!

  5. Great ideas! Thank you for sharing....this year we made vanilla extract, taco and ranch seasoning. Simple. :)

  6. What a beautiful collection of thoughts and ideas for Christmas. Your mother's gift basket is a great idea, love the gift bags, and love your blog...mason jar social cute.

  7. What lovely ideas! Please consider sharing your post with us at the Eco-Kids Tuesday Link-Up!

  8. Excellent ideas! I wrote a post recently titled "Downsizing Christmas"...similar idea :) I would love to have you share this on Wildcrafting Wednesdays! You can visit me at:

  9. I am visiting you from Titus 2uesday. I love your ideas of the simplicity of the gifts. I was surprised by a text from my daughter this weekend. Read about her gifts:

  10. This was a terrific post. I'm going to look at your blog some more. I'm visiting from Deep Roots at Home.

    Do drop into Harvest Lane Cottage for a visit. Won't you?
    I linked A Christmas Miracle on the Frontier.

    Happy Christmas week!

    Happy at Home

  11. I agree. Now that I'm a mother, I'm focusing my attention on creating family traditions (looking at Christmas lights, singing carols, baking, going to see the National Christmas Tree, photos with Santa) rather than the gifts I give my son. With all that he's getting from extended family, I almost feel like I can skip the gifts all together; I'm not, but I could.

  12. We are simple Christmas folks here too.
    Loved your post.
    leanne Nz

  13. Hello,
    Deborah Jean, Heidi and I co host the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop and over at Hibiscus House I have featured this post. Please stop by and pick up your featured button. Thank you for linking up with us.


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