February 22, 2012

Seed Germination in Three Days

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Success !!

In my last post, I walked you through our sure-fire way of germinating seeds.  Here are the initial results.  

The heirloom Mortgage Lifters and the Early Girls are some of the very first to germinate in three days!  Several others have popped their heads out too.

You can see they have already stretched their necks up for light, so these little fella's will head out to the greenhouse where they can get the proper light they need.  

I understand that they need at least 12 hours of light to continue to grow.  Have you heard that from anywhere?  I know that our chickens require 12 hours of light to lay their eggs through the winter and that truly works wonders.  

I wonder if it's the same for these little plants to keep growing .....

For all of the instructions on our soil-less mixture and the steps we take to guarantee success with seed germination, please follow this LINK.  

Please remember, seed germination will depend on how good your seeds are most of all.

February 20, 2012

Our Sure Fire Germination Process

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This was our front yard one week ago today.  Many of you may remember how antsy I got with our warm January weather, which led to this ...

As you can see, they are acting like perfect little greenhouses!  Since our weather has been up and down the charts though, the seeds have not germinated yet.  They will pretty soon I'm sure, and I believe they will be stronger plants too.  However ... I am needing to get some seeds started now so I turned to our sure fire method that I learned last year which is to use our egg incubator.  It is excellent for regulating the perfect germinating temperature for seeds.  It should've been done before now, but I've been so caught up in sewing, that I have put it off until now.  

February 13, 2012

Discovering the Power of Green

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I'm hooked on juicing!  There, I've said it.  

This coming from someone who has avoided green vegetables like the plague all of her life.  My main four food groups consisted of cheese, any kind of pizza, sugared anything and pasta.  Believe me, it shows too.  

February 02, 2012

Garden Bag and Heirloom Seed Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed. 

Congratulations to the winner Mrs. Lewis from A Godly Homemaker, chosen from Random.org.

Thank you, THANK YOU for all of your entries!  

It has been so much fun to visit everyone's wonderful blogs and discover several new favorites!  Everyone has so many wonderful things to share and teach, I'm so inspired!  

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Isn't this bag adorable?!  


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