April 24, 2011

April Showers Flooding the Ozarks


Here in the Ozark Mountains, we enjoy spring rains.  The pastures green up, the trees bud out and growing season gets in full swing.  If you've never experienced spring in the Ozarks, I must tell you that we are in what is called Tornado Alley and that name has already been proven true this week and daily threats are heading our way next week too, but I wanted to share with you pictures of our local creeks...

April 19, 2011

Welcome to Our Woods

If you've never been to the Ozark Mountains, let me give you glimpse of what spring time looks like around here.  Everywhere you look, the dogwoods are blooming.  This picture was taken as we walked across the pond bank.  They grow wild across the landscape and their lacy appearance as they cascade to the ground is breathtaking.     

April 14, 2011

Spring in the Ozark Mountains

There is nothing like living in the Ozark Mountains during Spring!  The environment is rich with so many native plants and trees all year round, especially ones that provide food, but spring is a wild flower and native flowering trees spectacular!  All through our woods are wild growing Dogwood and Redbud trees that signal winters demise and springs arrival.

We spent the day making a new herb bed.  I got some Stevia plants and let me tell you.....the leaves are too sweet to eat.  Its kind of odd to pick a leaf from one of these plants and have it taste like a spoon full of sugar


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