April 18, 2012

Growing Potatoes in Bags

Over the past several years, we have tried growing potatoes here in the Ozarks without much success.  Oh, we would get some potatoes, but they have never done very well.  If you know anything about the Ozarks, you well know what a pain it is to grow anything in this red clay.  This year, we are trying something completely different (for us).  I realize that this method has been out there for awhile, but it never occurred to me to actually try it.  Old habits die hard.

April 05, 2012

On the Hunt for Free Books?

Did you know that you can get a free reading app even without a Kindle or a Nook?

I sure didn't until now, or I would've been all over this months ago!

Recently, my dear husband got me a Kindle Fire and so I've been learning all about the best places to find free books, but you don't have to have one of these devices to get these freebies!  Simply click on this link: FREE APPS  to download a free reading app for your computer, then have fun with collecting all of the free books you can find!


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