September 05, 2010

Harvest Festival

Today was the first Harvest Festival of the season and what a beautiful day it was here in the Ozarks.  Blue sky, mild temperatures, a cool breeze every now and then, good southern bluegrass music and friendly faces, what more could one ask for today?  Nothing, that's what.  After a wonderful morning with a great lesson from Ephesians 4:31-32, we headed for the rolling hills of Wright County.  Great finds were to be
had.....hand carved utensils including a measuring spoon set by the most intriguing couple that live completely off the grid; handmade soaps; loads of organic, homegrown produce; great food; quilts and aprons; fresh honey still dripping off of the honeycomb; I even discovered a neighbor friend of mine spinning wool there.  She has spun wool from cashmere to buffalo and is willing to try the hair from our long coated German Shepherds in the spring.  Then before heading home, we went hunting for wild elderberry.  We've planted almost a dozen elderberry bushes this year and I can't wait to harvest them in the up coming years.  Sammy Schwartz (an Amish friend) gave us the best tip the other day, he said that if we cut the elderberry stalks off and put them in the freezer, the berries will shake right off once they are frozen.  So there's my tip of the day for all of you who are picking them off with rubber gloves.  The cows are bedded down and the chickens are all shut up for the night, nothing moving outside except the crickets and the rogue armadillo that keeps eluding us.  Today has truly been a blessing from God.

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