November 03, 2011

Autumn in the Ozarks 2011

This is my most favorite time of year!  The harvest is done, the stockpile of wood is complete, the hills are turning shades of gold, burnt orange and red and the weather is beautiful!  

Pictured above is what you see to the left of our driveway.  We are deep in the heart of some of the most beautiful land God has seen fit to bless us with.  

Today is a really cold and drizzly, but these days are few and far between.  Mostly, we are having warm days and cool evenings.  Great weather to bed the gardens down for winter and to take care of all the pre-winter chores around the homestead.

This is the north slope of this mountain we set on.  Even though are camera is a little dated, I hope these pictures will give you a glimpse into the beauty God provides us here in the Ozarks this time of year.

We went into town the other day and took the camera with us... everywhere you go there are breath taking views.

For miles and miles you can see only the affects of Autumn across the Ozark Mountains.

Here on the homestead, this is what you see looking from the house to the spring greenhouse.  I consider it our spring greenhouse because it is what is used after all of our seeds have germinated.  It seems that there is a lot more red in the leaves this year than last year.  

And there is nothing like a quiet walk in the woods with your best friend during this wonderful and restful season!

Hopefully next year I can get better pictures for you!


  1. Oh! I enjoyed these pictures very much! As I said a couple weeks ago, this is the most beautiful country I have seen. I pray the Lord will place me there someday! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Those pictures are fantastic!! I live near the Branson area and we too have noticed the brilliant reds this year in the trees. More than we have seen in past years. We are so thankful to live in such a beautiful place. I think you almost feel closer to God when you are surrounded by such beauty.
    Do you have any tips on how you prepare your garden for the winter?

  3. Well we don't bed our garden as well as we should, but its important to remove all of the old plants and straw. We put the old stuff in the chicken yard for them to scratch apart and eat all the green leaves, bugs and eggs. Some people leave it to mulch in, but I'd rather destroy whatever is left from the bugs that gave me fits during the summer. We should've already had fresh mulch and manure worked in it before planting a winter cover crop, but we hit our limit this year and couldn't get everything done. We are still doing a little at a time on the warm days.....its whats wonderful about Missouri, we still get warmth in November!!!

  4. Oh my those pictures are simply breathtaking. I cried and cried because this is our first autumn since we moved from the Ozarks (Missouri). We now live in Arizona and I am happy here, but there are so many things I miss about the Ozarks. I will surely follow your blog. Thanks again so much.

  5. Your pictures are just lovely and stunning and all that I love about fall!!

  6. God's beauty...never ceases to amaze me!


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