August 29, 2010

Heirloom Tomatoes

Candy Stripe Heirloom Tomato

Since discovering heirloom vegetables, I have learned so much about obtaining, growing and saving these precious seeds.  One learns about the history of each heirloom and where they have come from, and that many of them have been passed down for centuries.  They have been handed down, through generations of farmers and gardeners, from one

August 25, 2010

Harvesting in the Ozarks

School has finally started, the winds have cooled and the baskets of produce are overflowing.  The past few weeks have been brutally HOT, which caused us to have to water early every morning.  We are ever so grateful for the cooler temps!  To give you an idea of where our garden began this spring, I must start with telling you how much work it takes

August 17, 2010

Getting Started in Homeschooling (free e-book) - Simply Charlotte Mason

Getting Started in Homeschooling (free e-book) - Simply Charlotte Mason

Here is something I found this morning that could be very helpful to all of those who have had it with the public school option. Homeschooling is more simple than you think it is and you are truly more capable than you believe you are. There are thousands of helpful things like this out there and here locally there is an informational meeting at the local library once a month for those thinking about homeschooling and wanting to learn more about it. We also have a wonderful Yahoo homeschool group that joins all of the hundreds of local homeschoolers, together. This generation is the generation of knowledge and information, do not limit your children, teach them yourself!

August 11, 2010

Canning Salsa

Determined to can some homemade salsa this year, I grew eight different kinds of peppers in our garden along with onions and 12 different kinds of tomatoes.  Finally the tomatoes, peppers and onions are ready.  After searching all last summer for my special salsa recipe I broke down and began to search the internet for a good one since time is a wasting with all this nice produce ready to go.  After digging

August 10, 2010

Another Hot August Day in the Ozarks

Today was too unbearable to go outside.  The temperature was up over 100 degrees and the humidity made it hard to breathe.  Even inside the house it was too warm for canning the beautiful tomatoes that wait on our counter.  Having picked a mess of gorgeous heirloom tomatoes, I had planned to pick enough peppers to


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