June 26, 2011

New Life on the Homestead

 Life has been going at a dead run these past few months.  If any of you are farmers, homesteaders or simply gardners, you can relate.  This latest event has given me cause to pause and enjoy new life.  A few days ago, our Millie girl gave birth to a calf.  She has been given the name of 'Junebug'.  


Needless to say, with Mama protecting her,
we haven't gotten that close yet, but I'm hoping to get them penned up so we can begin working with her.  Mama (Millie) is full Scottish Highland and Daddy is a HUGE full red Limousin.  Mixed, they produce an extremely hardy yet large calf.  These first two pics were taken the morning she was born.  Below is one taken today, four days old.

 I know there are those familiar with cows that don't think a new calf is anything major, but on this farm.......we are extremely excited!  
New life, God's creation, God's blessings....reasons to be eternally grateful!


  1. we look forward to every spring when our babies begin arriving! It is always exciting. We name ours too although the steer calves will be sold... Congratulations on the new baby!

  2. We don't know yet what will do with any little boys. This little girl is our first and only one this year. We are newbies at this :o) We share a field with my husband's parents and our cattle are all together. They are expecting two more, but they also are pets to them so the herd is growing and we are having to decide what we will do with them all. The idea is to sell shares of some of them in the fall.....they are all named, so we'll see if that actually happens, lol.

  3. So sweet. Love the name Junebug.


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