May 23, 2011

Devastating Tornado in the Ozarks

Living in the Ozarks, you have a constant mindfulness of how deadly storms can be.  It doesn't consume our way of life, but it plays a major role in how we live.  Our little farm happens to be located in Tornado Alley.  

Growing up here, we used to only have to be watchful of the storms in the spring.  Now, it is every storm, no matter what season.  

Every Ozarker has their own "tornado" story to tell, but I can tell you
that I never wish to experience what the dear people of Joplin experienced yesterday evening.  Hearing tornado stories from people on tv can never prepare a person for the sheer terror of the experience. 

This video demonstrates the experience of living through a tornado better than anything I have ever seen or heard.  I share this with you so that you may better understand what these friends and neighbors have gone through.  

After watching this video, and you wonder how you can this number to volunteer or to find loved ones (417) 659-5464.  


 There are many Facebook pages now set up to locate people and pets and places to volunteer.  You can find many other pages connected to these pages below too.

Convoy of Hope
Found Animals from the Joplin, Mo tornado
Friends of Joplin, MO
Missing, Found, Deceased
The storms are still coming, the thunder has been rolling all day and the weather forecast is ominous at the very least......


  1. You all down that way have been in our prayer and toughts!

  2. Thank you Andi, prayers are needed the most!

  3. It was and is so hard to hear of. so many times Jack and I have been in Joplin are now either gone or damaged! We must keep praying as there are still about 1500 people not accounted for. Not surprising with the communication break down!

  4. We live at Rogers, Arkansas and were there in the days and weeks following the tornado, trying to help. This was such a tragedy and it will take years for Joplin to recover. They have the strength to overcome and the community has great faith. We keep them in our prayers...


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