January 30, 2013

Easy Apple Cobbler

One of our greatest blessings, is our beloved daughter.  She has such a teachable heart and she is one who lives life whole-heartedly.  Her heart is committed to learning all that she can, to be first, a Godly woman, second a Godly wife and third, a Godly mother.  As any of you know, that is quite an undertaking and a daily struggle for all of us.  She is a joy and truly always has been one.    

Being able to know how to feed your family well, is crucial and these days the sad fact is that the majority of girls are being raised with career goals in mind instead of being taught how to run a home.  Young women are graduating from college with no knowledge or desire of knowing how to run a family.  Chances are, they will have a family, but their family will suffer from their lack of knowledge and so will they.  One of my goals and duties is to equip our daughter with the knowledge and experience of running her home well.  Not only will she and her husband be blessed by it, but our grandchildren will prosper because of it too.  We have to think generationally.  My heart breaks when I hear of the most important goal of a parent being what college their children get into as if their job is done after that.  How sad for the future generations of this country.   

To begin with, start young!  Since she was old enough to dig her hands into a bowl of flour, she has been helping me in the kitchen.  

Were there huge messes?  Yes.  
Has there been great failures (by both of us)?  Yes.  
Did things take three times longer to do?  Yes. 
 BUT......perseverance pays off.  

Since the age of eight, she has been able to be turned loose in the kitchen with great results.  Now don't think I gave her a huge dinner to create back then, we began with simple baking.  The first time I remember challenging her, was with a simple chocolate chip cookie recipe.  I stayed out of the kitchen and when she was done, the cookies were perfectly gooey with dripping chocolate and the kitchen was clean.  I was thrilled and so was she!

Since then she has loved to be the master of her domain in the kitchen.  She can easily fix a full meal now too.  The point of telling you all this is to encourage you to teach your children how to cook.  Find recipes they can help with, and be challenged with.  Let them make messes, let them make mistakes and reassure them that it is perfectly ok to make a mistake.  You will be blessed in the long run and so will they!

Today, she threw something very easy together, but is extremely delicious!  Also, it would be a great recipe to begin to teaching younger children something easy, fun and yummy.


1 stick butter

Melt stick of butter in an 8 x 11" glass pan
(I find that a 9 x 13 makes the cobbler too thin)

1 cup milk
1 cup sugar
1 cup flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon vanilla

Mix together and pour on top of melted butter in pan.

1 quart of cooked apples
(or 1 quart of blackberries, blueberries etc.)
Sprinkle the apples with cinnamon.

Pour apples over batter.
Bake at 350° for 40 minutes.

Be sure to have a serving of it while it is warm!  And, if you can afford the calories, add vanilla ice cream!

The apples we use are from the apples we picked and canned at the peak of apple season.  Find out how we do it by following this link Preserving Apples.  It is super easy.  Canning apples this way is perfect for future use in cobblers, pies, muffins etc.

I hope this inspires you to get into the kitchen with your children and not only make some memories, but give them the important tools they need to help them be self sufficient and may you be blessed for it!


  1. Hello, I've just found your blog via another from Outdoor Wednesday. I've copied down your Apple Cobbler recipe and want to say thank you. Also I've had the good fortune to visit the Ozarks and think Arkansas is a beautiful place.

    1. Welcome Kathleen! Glad to have you visit!

  2. I love cobbler! I know you are so proud of your daughter! Thanks for sharing this moment with us! I preserve apples too for my apple pie filling YUM!


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