October 04, 2011

Homeschooling and Homesteading

Homeschooling and homesteading just flow naturally together.  How better for children to learn hands on life lessons with the day to day activities at home on the land.  One thing I deeply appreciate about doing both is how well we know and truly appreciate the uniqueness of our daughter.  She has a great love for God and all of His creation.  She has a determined spirit in learning everything she can possibly
learn about almost everything.  Her excitement about learning is contagious and we find ourselves studying such a large variety of things.  There are so many times that we dive into a subject head first only to end up learning things that I was never taught in school.  Other times we might be learning about something and I realize it is something that wasn't even touched on in school for me until high school or college and here she is only 11. 

Homesteading not only brings up all sorts of ideas to research and study for homeschooling, but it develops character in a way that borders on the unexplainable.  There are the obvious issues like finishing a job well done, learning to get your hands dirty, being consistent, being precise, learning to communicate, learning to develop relationships, learning to care for others, learning patience and lots of it, learning humility....and then developing all of what has been learned, but there are other untouchable things that are hard to put into words.  

On a different subject, remember our new little addition back in June?  Well here she is in all her glory.  She's getting SO big!  She's a cross between her black Scottish Highland mama and her red Limousin Daddy.  I think she's the spittin' image of her father!

We're off to the Amish produce auction this morning in hopes of getting some apples.  I'm anxious to can some apple pie filling.  Missouri apples have been incredibly difficult to come by this year.  With the high heat and the drought, the local apple orchards were not only bare, but they also lost trees.  The weather is indescribably beautiful and has been for several days now.  Its difficult to do anything inside when its so pretty out, so today we'll go look for apples and I'll be taking the camera because the leaves are beginning to really turn and the countryside is beautiful!  

Have a blessed day everyone!  


  1. The weather here in North Central Missouri is also beautiful but dry. Apples are also scarce here but we are fortunate to have our own trees and have watered them through the drought so that we do have a small harvest.

    I have a 16 year old taking dual enrollment college courses from home. I can't help to think how lucky she is to have this opportunity while sitting in her own home. And especially to get both high school and college credits.

  2. this Pic just made me cry! Is that your daughter's horse? I had a mare that had almost the identical markings! Her name was kaulha and we feel in love when I was 15. =) I baby sat and recycled bottles from neighbors for the money to buy her. After 25 yrs she passed away, but is always in my heart and my own daughters! What lovely memories. thanks

  3. Yes Liza Jane, this is our daughter's horse named Carousel. She is part of our family and is a great addition. Horses teach us SO much about ourselves if we take the time to pay attention and listen and they are wonderful character builders for children when supervised and guided in the right direction. Our daughter has bonded to her horse with invisible heart strings. We know the place Kaulha possess' in your heart and what a blessing to have had her!


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