August 10, 2010

Another Hot August Day in the Ozarks

Today was too unbearable to go outside.  The temperature was up over 100 degrees and the humidity made it hard to breathe.  Even inside the house it was too warm for canning the beautiful tomatoes that wait on our counter.  Having picked a mess of gorgeous heirloom tomatoes, I had planned to pick enough peppers to
go with them and some freshly harvested onions in order to mix up a nice batch of salsa for canning.  Nothing like home grown ingredients in home made salsa for family and friends over the winter!  However, after the usual morning watering and household cleaning, my one cup of morning coffee could not give me the motivation I needed to heat up the house even more with canning.  Even through the heat, the swarm of hummingbirds managed to drink their daily amount of one gallon of sugar water, emptying the six feeders on our front porch.  They are fun to watch and oddly enough, today we saw one sitting on a feeder with a grasshopper in its beak.  Well the chickens are roosted, the dogs have quieted down, bedtime has crept by and after a helping of warm blackberry cobbler with a topping of vanilla ice cream we are off to bed.  May the good Lord bless you and keep you safe.

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