August 21, 2013

Barn Home Project ~ Part One

Barn Home Project ~ Part 2
To begin with, I apologize for being so absent on this blog.  I realize some of you are not on Facebook and do not get those updates.  Last fall we began a journey of building a new homestead.  We knew before we started that is was not for the faint of heart, but still, we had no idea how trying it would be.

The intention was not to build anything fancy or anything that had "curb appeal", but for it to be functional, serve it's purpose, and most important of all, to be as debt free a project as possible.  

First we had to choose a building site.  The choice wasn't all that hard since there is a beautiful, wooded outlook on the crest of our own personal Ozark Mountain.  The tricky part was figuring out how to get the well digger trucks, gravel trucks, concrete trucks and lumber trucks up to the top.  

As you can see, it isn't even an easy walk up, but after much discussion, we decided to take it as it came and figure it out then.

The next step in this process was to decide what type of building, what size, which way to face it and then we began to square it off and mark the trees that had to be removed.  In the above picture, you can see the trees are marked and a few fence posts marking the outside edge of the building.  Our faithful companion is always near, watching every move we make so she will probably be in several of the pictures I post throughout this process.  

The outlook is very open as you can see a bit in the picture below, but the building was to be nestled in the trees so we didn't want to take out any more trees than absolutely necessary.

After getting the trees cleared for the building site, we were still waiting on the well diggers.  Due to the severe drought last summer, the well diggers were extremely busy putting in "government wells" that had been granted people who took a big hit regarding their livestock.  We were on a two month waiting list, which put us into the winter months sadly enough.  Ever hear of digging a well in the winter?  We were skeptical, but as we are always happily discovering, the good Lord does everything in His time.  By the time the well diggers could come out, the surface of the ground was frozen just enough for their massive trucks to get up our little mountain.  If they had come earlier, they wouldn't have made it.  Isn't God good?   

We rejoiced on this day!  Not only did they get up the mountain without *much* difficulty, but we were blessed with an abundance of water and pressure!  There was a small difficulty, but nothing a chainsaw and some strong men couldn't take care of.  The first route they tried was too steep.  The second route had a great oak in the center of it.  Sad to have taken it out, but it will serve a good purpose when we get the chance to lay the flooring in.  Every tree that was taken down will be used in this building.  

Our other reason for being so excited about the well was because the builders couldn't begin building without access to water.  Now they could finally begin!

Our first cup of living water on our new homestead.  In a word.....  GLORIOUS.

Between the time that the well was drilled and the pump installed, we had a pretty good snow, but it didn't last very long and the builders were able to begin to figure out where to put the foundation and put the forms in place.

The temperatures were still pretty cold and the ground was still frozen, however, the gravel trucks were not as successful as the well diggers.  We had to have truck after truck come in and pour gravel all the way up to the building site.  I think that gravel company is still talking about that job ;-)  The trail was narrow, just enough room for their trucks and they had to take a lot of precaution not to jump their trucks sideways into a tree.  It took them two days to complete the road and fill the base of the building.  I'm sure you wouldn't even want to guess how many truck loads of gravel it took!

A tractor was used to spread the big pile left by the gravel truck into smaller piles, but the rest of it was spread out by hand.  It was a beautiful sight, as smooth as butter.  Then the tunnels were carved out for the plumbing and smoothed back over.  The rebar came after that in preparation for the concrete.

Now you'll have to excuse me, I am not familiar with all of the technical construction words.  After calling things by the wrong names for a few months, I gave up trying to figure it out.  Those builders don't know my sewing and canning terms, so why do I have to know what all their terms mean?  Anyway, like I said, don't mind me if a call something by the wrong name.  Like in the pic above, I see a shovel and two spreader things and a pic of some sort.  See?  Good enough.  Of course they just laughed at me and wrote me off as a goofy female.  

I hope our process can be a benefit to others, so if you have any questions that I don't address in a post, please simply ask.

Be sure to watch for Part 2 when I get some more pictures sorted.....until then, have a blessed week!


  1. Welcome back, I know you've been very busy getting your homestead together. I love what you've done so far. Great spot for your homestead looking out over the open area.
    I can't wait to see part 2. No worries about saying the right construction words, we women understand what you're talking about :-)

    1. Thanks Sandy! It is really a great view, I think we can see Arkansas from here :)

  2. im a new follower of your blog but I can honestly tell you how happy I am for you! God is so good. My prayer is that I can gave my own homestead in the Ozarks (I currently live 50 miles south of KC Mo)and am in the process of looking for the right land that God has set aside for me. People have called me crazy for wanting off grid living being single and 28, they think I should go to college but I only say no thanks I don't want that debt and pressure. I love learning but not from secular colleges.

    Any way I pray God to bless all your hard work and no accidents or problems in your building adventures. :)

    I also see that you've sold German Shepard puppies is that correct? You can contact me at if you do if not I must be thinking of another blog :).

    Didn't mean for this comment to become so long.
    God bless,

    1. Hi Bekah, welcome! Let me first say that you are NOT crazy. God is pulling at heart and when you make that first step to work towards following scripture in your manner of living, it's amazing how the doors just open up at all the right times. If they remain closed, don't force them open. There are so many ways to learn besides college and I would not recommend college to anyone. There is one exception to that, and that is College Plus, but again, not necessary. A Godly woman can teach herself or find mentors to teach them a multitude of ways to create a small business that can easily be more lucrative than what a college degree provides, plus you're free of college debt. This issue could be a whole other post in itself, lol. Keep on your path, stay strong to your convictions. God will direct your path.

      Yes, we have had a few litters of German Shepherds, but not in the past few years. It is very emotional to have a litter and then find good homes for them.

      Thank you for the encouragement!

    2. Oh you're most welcome! Thank you, Sharon, for the encouragement. I don't have very many people (what's worse no home church but I do make sure I study the Word everyday) around me that believes as my family or I does, so I was very excited to find you blog nonetheless. :)

      I see that we have a bit in common too. I also believe in dressing modestly (skirts/dresses only) and I'm a home school graduate. I truly believe that homesteading is what God has called me to as I've tried what the world says is "normal" living (you know the "gotta work all the time to pay for the car/home that I can't afford" type) but I still have a strong pull to growing/preparing my own food, making my own clothes, and living a simple life. Also, with the chaotic lifestyle I've found that I can't devout as much time to studying God's word or just being quiet with Him as I would like too.

      I've looked into and prayed about College Plus but I don't believe that's what God wants me to do. I know we are not to live by feelings but for the lack of a better word at the moment it doesn't "feel" right for me. So I'm taking that as God's "No" to me.

      I only asked about the German pups as I've recently lost Beagle (she was my best friend really) of 10 years to a heart attack this past February and have recently been praying about getting another dog. My mom had a German Shepherd growing up and she was one of the best guard dogs/friend we ever had. I was just curious about maybe buying one and I understand how hard it is to let go of an animal they become a member of the family.

      Many blessings to you and your family! :)

  3. I am glad to see you again, and so interested in this whole process... can't wait for the next pictures!

  4. Oh, how exciting. The site looks great! Can't t wait to see more pictures! And read more posts!


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