April 19, 2011

Welcome to Our Woods

If you've never been to the Ozark Mountains, let me give you glimpse of what spring time looks like around here.  Everywhere you look, the dogwoods are blooming.  This picture was taken as we walked across the pond bank.  They grow wild across the landscape and their lacy appearance as they cascade to the ground is breathtaking.     

 The wildflowers and morel mushrooms are also scattered across the forest floor.

We follow the path through the woods down into the holler....

 And up to the next range...if you look closely you can continue to see the Dogwoods throughout the forest.  The Redbuds grow wild through the forest too, but they are about done blooming before the Dogwoods come out.

And then we come to the horse pasture...

No, they aren't ours.  They are our neighbors, but we get to enjoy their presence...

and playtime....

and the view....

is spectacular!!

Then we walk back down across the bottom land, nothing spectacular, but very peaceful, cool and refreshing.  This is where the cows come during the heat of the summer. 

 Here is the top of the other range...not a pasture full of horses but still a pretty sight!

I hope this gives you a small look into the glory of springtime in the Ozarks....and life on an Ozark homestead.  The cows make it look easy!  I'll be sure to post about the hard work it takes to homestead in the Ozarks also!  Speaking of which....I'm heading out the door to move some rock to the front slope, transplant about three dozen flowering peach trees, plot out a section for the grapevines, roll the logs for new garden beds over so we can rake and burn.....and then maybe we can get some lunch in!  Don't ask me what's in store for this afternoon!


  1. Beautiful! :D I love it!!! What a gorgeous view you have! Our woods are full of dogwoods right now as well, and boy are they beautiful! :D Love to you my friend!! Thanks for sharing the pics!!!!! (hugs)--S

  2. Sharon,
    I love your place....the greens, the cows and the trees...something I miss from Michigan!

  3. I'm glad you enjoy them, its always interesting to see other blogs to learn how spring is in others neck of the woods. That incredible view is on the back 40 with enough flat ground for an off the grid cabin facing that view. Dreaming big dreams, lol!! I wondered if you had the Dogwoods too! P.S. the storms are coming though again tonight, so expect them to come your way. (((HUGS)))

  4. Thank you Andi, it does look a lot like Michigan and areas of Wisconsin. I too miss northern Wisconsin, especially during the hot summer months here, but I sure don't miss the brutal winters!


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