March 23, 2011

Where Does the Time Go?

It's almost the end of March and it seems like February was just yesterday!  Spring seems to come on SO fast, I can't figure out where all of our time goes.  Each morning my husband kindly asks what my day is looking like, and as I think about what still needs to be done, I get very overwhelmed.  Each day seems to be filled with at least two weeks worth of work.

In the greenhouse, there are literally hundreds of tomato and pepper plants that are calling to be re potted, thousands of seeds that need to be sown, and shelves that need to be built...

In the garden, the soil needs to be amended and tilled in all the beds.  More soil needs to be trucked in for the new beds, which are waiting to be built, trees that sadly enough need to be cut and used for this year's projects, fence that needs to be moved which will make one of the field's smaller, but the garden area bigger, and my prize gift from my Father this spring, a Martin house, situated in the new garden area....

In the house, there are dresses and aprons that need to be sewn, bread that needs to be made, boxes that need to be filled while cupboards are emptied as we simplify by having a garage sale, windows and curtains that need to be washed, winter clothes sorted through and stored or donated and replaced by summer clothes.....

The chicks need to be ordered, the bees are ordered, but the hives need to be set in place for the bees arrival, the calves will be born soon and all the dogs need their yearly upkeep with the vet.....

In all of this, I stop to be thankful for the many projects that call me, I count my blessings of salvation, family, health and home...I stop to appreciate the call of the hawk as it soars overhead waiting for a clear shot at our chickens....I stop to close my eyes and turn my face towards the sun to feel its warmth and the warmth of the new south breeze blowing.....I stop to answer our daughter's math question....I stop to enjoy the spring evening sounds of the crickets....and I stop to pray a heart full of thanksgiving to my Father in Heaven for it all.


  1. Sounds like you are busy but in a wondeful way. I hope you get everything you need done. I love to be busy like that is is so healthy. Here in Wisconsin we have snow on the ground so it is hard to belive it's spring already. Blessings to you and your family.


  2. We are truly blessed! Although we have much to do on the homestead, we are thankful that we have our health to do it.


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