February 24, 2011

Feeding Time

One thing about living on a farm, no matter the weather, livestock has got to be fed.  Good thing is that most of the time, they make it fun.  It never fails, we will struggle with putting on our muck boots, bundle up in two to three layers of clothes plus coat, hat and gloves, and brave the winter winds and not always have a cheerful heart about doing so, but when they see us coming, their behavior and personalities will always bring a smile.  They continue to remind us why we love our animals, how grateful we are to God for His blessings and with more spring in our step we make our way back to warmth of the fire in the ole' homestead.

How one testy mare puts up with all of the cows and their horns.....well she still isn't sure she's crazy about it, but ever since the heifer was born, she gets to play Mama.  They are inseparable.  She'll come running for her grain and there a runnin' behind her is the little heifer.  Actually the little heifer is almost full grown, but she stays close to her Horsey Mama. 

 These are Scottish Highlands and they have got to be the hardiest cows alive.  Fool proof.  Believe me, if we haven't had any problems with them, they are fool proof!  We didn't know the first things about having cows when we got these and they are a dream.  They withstand winters very well, they don't have the issues that most cows can have and they will clean out the brush if you let them.

Well the snow is gone, although I'm sure we will see at least one more good round of it before spring comes on strong.  Our family made it through the whole winter without getting sick......until now, so here we sit, snuggled under blankets in front of the fire enjoying some Good Earth tea and relaxing.  We don't mind a small cold, sometimes it gives us a reason to slow down, let the world pass by and quietly watch it.

It's been raining and thundering most of the day and the birds have been crowded around the feeders in expectation of the falling temperatures I suppose.  Speaking of birds.....who else likes bird watching?  We sometimes participate in the National Bird Count, ever done that?  It's a great way to involve children and get them interested in wildlife.  Some of our most fun home schooling lessons have to do with nature and nature's lessons.  We have gotten some great help from our local conservation center.  They will send out some really neat packets to classrooms and homeschoolers, free of charge!

Well I'd better get out from underneath this blanket and fix some supper because it's getting close to our own feeding time!


  1. They do look to be very hardy cattle! Good thing with the weather we have had this winter.

  2. We raise angus but these are a very interesting looking bread. I look forward to your posts and browsing around! I wanted to tell you that I have awarded you The Versatile Blogger award! Please stop by my blog to check it out...
    I follow you on my homestead blog but I awarded you through my Titus 2 blog


  3. Everything there looks so good and the Highlands are lovely creatures. Lucky heifer to have a horse for a mom :)

  4. New to your blog, and love Highland cows...ok I hope to some day love em, don't have any yet but would like some!

  5. Thank you Juli, we do enjoy the Highlands, they get as playful as dogs, but you have to watch those horns!

    Welcome Andi, Highlands are the most excellent cows to have regarding their health and hardiness, but they can be spooky with strangers, and a bit iffy when it comes to possibly milking them (something we haven't tried yet). I do know of others who milk them. Right now I would be SO grateful for our own dairy cow. I'd settle for a goat, but since goats are more difficult to keep out of the garden, we haven't gone that route either. Thank you for stopping by!


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