December 22, 2010

Christmas Goodie Baking

I think I am finally done with any and all of the Christmas goodie baking I am going to do!  I have been baking for a week, and if what there is, isn't enough.....I'll just simply have to start earlier next year.  We send gift packages to family living in other states, so baking has to start in time to get them sent out in time for Christmas.  Plus....this year, I had a fun, FUN time with my daughter in law and grandson last Saturday, baking.  Their family moved down here earlier this year, and this is the first time ever we have been able to create such a memory at Christmas!  We baked all day, the children played, cut out cookies, played, frosted and decorated cookies, and made a huge, wonderful mess that I would clean up many times over in order to enjoy such a wonderful day.

Up to this evening the baking list includes, Amish Pumpkin Fudge (the best I've ever tasted), several different barks.....Pecan, Cherry Vanilla, Dark Chocolate Mint and I still may yet make a Butterscotch bark (thank you Pam for the wonderful recipes, they are delicious!), Lemon Poppy Seed bread, Chocolate covered Ritz filled with peanut butter, Pumpkin bread, Strawberry filled Thumbprint cookies, 7 Layer Bars, Christmas cut out sugar cookies, Chocolate covered pretzels....that's all I can remember....I wanted to also make Snowball cookies and Forgotten cookies, but I just don't know if I have any more baking in me!  If anyone is interested in my dear friend Pam's recipes.....go to her incredible My Favorite Recipes Blog where you will really enjoy her recipes, tips and overall down home goodness!

Tomorrow the real cooking begins with three family events to cook for.  Next week.........left overs!

How about you?  What have you made and/or still plan on baking?  Be sure and share links to your recipes please!


  1. Love your Blog! Hope you don't mind I would love to follow it. We are a conservative Christian, homeschooling family as well. We have 7 daughters 11 and under, and 1 loving German Shepard. We would love 5 if we had the extra space LOL. We baked so much this year but I love baking so I find it fun.

    Merry Christmas

  2. Welcome Pamela! Forgive me delayed response please! Seven daughters? What a blessing! Are you headed straight back into home schooling now that it is January? Aren't Shepherds incredible dogs? I can't ever imagine not having one. Thank you for stopping by my blog!


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