Organic Heirloom Plants

This is a current 2012 list of what is available for local pickup or delivery to specified locations.  Please contact us to place an order or for any questions.  You will find our email button in the right sidebar.  All plants are $2 each.  

Our plants are grown from Baker Creek and Morgan County Seeds.  Most of the descriptions are directly from Baker Creek where you can also find seeds for the heirloom plants.  If pictures are not stamped, click on them to see their source.

Organic Heirloom Tomatoes:

Amish Paste - 80 days Many seeds savers believe this is the ultimate paste tomato. Giant, blocky Roma-type tomatoes have delicious red flesh that is perfect for paste and canning. World class flavor and comes from an Amish community in Wisconsin.

These will literally be as big as your hand!

Brandywine – Rose - 70-80 days. Lovely rose-colored fruit weigh 1 lb each, and plants are very productive. This variety has amazing flavor that many prefer to Brandywine! In 2006 the Columbus Dispatch rated it #1 and said, "The Rose tomato is an heirloom variety that was a favorite among the gardeners for flavor." This variety was preserved by Dr. Grace Kaiser, who collected it in 1960 from an Amish woman named Hannah Lapp of Holland, Pennsylvania. Great for home or market gardens.

These are beautiful yellow tomatoes that have a pink blush beginning at the bottom and continues inside.

Candy Stripe - 85 days. Open pollinated Heirloom. Indeterm. Very large, (1 to 2 lbs.), round fruits are streaked with yellow, orange, red, and pink. Just beautiful! Has the flavor to match - sweet and juicy. Produces steadily over a long season. We were given the seed by our mailman, Mark Barton. He has been growing Candy Stripe here in the hot, humid Ozarks for quite some time. It produced better for us than Pineapple, and has a similar, sweet and juicy and fruity flavor. A winner!

Cherokee Purple - 80 days. An old Cherokee Indian heirloom, pre-1890 variety; beautiful deep dusky purple-pink color, superb sweet flavor, and very large sized fruit. Try this one for real old-time tomato flavor. My favorite dark tomato!

Lollipop - 70 days. Delicious, light yellow translucent cherries. The flavor of these is really good--both sweet and fruity.  These pretty fruits are popular at farmers’ markets.  Slightly larger than cherry tomatoes.  Plants set good yields. A real winner!

(Note my fingertip compared to the slice? These are huge slicing tomatoes!)

Millionaire - 80 days. Among the rugged people of the Ozark Mountains, rich flavor has made this variety famous for over 50 years. These were used fresh and for canning; they have a delectable, sweet flavor and are a beautiful coral-pink color. In the summer of 1950, Forrester Hutsell, of Mountain Grove, Missouri, gave seed to Ed Henson, of Champion, Missouri, and it was grown in this Ozark hamlet for many years. In 1995, Carol Cleveland, of Norwood, Missouri, sent Millionaire seeds to Neil Gillard, of Ontario, Canada, and he has been preserving it since. He sent us some seed two years ago for trials.  After many years and many miles, we can at last offer the seed again in southern Missouri, just 20 miles from Mountain Grove! We have had several requests for this variety from Ozarkians who can remember this variety from the 1950s.

These are large enough to overlap a piece of bread!

Mortgage Lifter - 5 days. Large, smooth, 1-lb. pink fruit have a delicious, rich, sweet taste. This variety has become very popular in recent years, after being developed by M.C. Byles of Logan, West Virginia. After crossing varieties for 6 years and selecting the best, he introduced this beauty that he named Mortgage Lifter in the 1940’s after he sold plants for $1 each and paid off the $6,000 mortgage on his house.

Roma - Determinate 70-75 days A quality paste variety with very thick flesh. A popular old favorite with good yields.

Rutger - Determinate 60-100 days Good for canning; also good fresh; large red 8-oz. globes. Good yields and flavor on large vines. A fine New Jersey heirloom.  "A vintage open-pollinated variety dating to 1920 when it was developed for Campbell's Soup and then improved upon in 1934 by Rutgers University. Disease resistant stabilized cross between J.T.D and Marglobe, it is considered one of the best canning tomatoes. Produces bright red, slightly flattened fruit with good flavor and crack resistance. Also good for slicing and cooking. An interesting note: This tomato is outta' this world - literally! It was sent by NASA into space as part of its Seeds in Space program. 75 days. Determinate. 10 seeds. 75-90 days."

Hybrid Tomatoes:

Carolina Gold - Extra-large, smooth fruit brings sunny glow to salads and dishes. Firm, meaty flesh; sweet mild flavor! Contains more readily absorbable lycopene than reds. High yielding; does well throughout the country! Determinate.  These are a favorite and grown here locally by our large Amish community.  

Early Girl - Customer Favorite!   The earlier, the better. These extra-large, extra-early tomatoes grow on a true bush. The 4” across tasty red fruits are much bigger than Early Girl, and ripen just two days later. The 18” plants are amazingly compact and self-supporting, yet productive. Disease-resistant.

SOLD OUT - Super Sweet Cherry 100 - Cherry tomatoes bursting with sugary flavor. The scarlet, cherry-sized fruits are produced in long pendulous clusters right up to frost. Grow on stakes or a fence.

Sunsugar - Just 1/2 ounce each, these golden-yellow fruits are bursting with tomato tang and sugar.
Indeterminate. For full-bodied flavor that captures the old-fashioned "tomato essence" so sadly lacking in many modern varieties, rely on Sunsugar! This golden-yellow cherry packs terrific tomato "tang" as well as a high sugar content into every small fruit. The result is the best eating you'll ever have from a cherry tomato!
Just 1/2-ounce each, these rounded fruits appear in large, luscious clusters all over a very vigorous vining plant. They ripen earlier than most other tomatoes, turning from green to yellow and finally rich shades of golden. Despite thin skins, they are quite crack-resistant, so you can let them mature on the plant fearlessly!
Sunsugar's name is a bit misleading, because although this cherry certainly has high quantities of sugar (it scores 10 to 11 on the Brix scale), it's the mixture of sugar and acidic tomato "tang" that really makes it distinctive. This is a tomato lover's tomato, packed with rich and complex flavor. Our expectations of cherry tomatoes are pretty low -- those in the supermarket are often thick-skinned and essentially tasteless -- and Sunsugar effortlessly redefines the family! Cherries CAN be flavorful and exciting -- Sunsugar shows them how!
This plant reaches 5 to 6 feet high and about 3 feet wide, sometimes continuing to grow and set new fruit into autumn. It is very heavy-bearing all season, a great choice for large families and tomato lovers everywhere! We highly recommend it for flavor and great yields!

Organic Heirloom Sweet Peppers:

SOLD OUT Emerald Giant - 78 days. Large, blocky bells have thick sweet flesh. Dark green fruit turn red when ripe. Vigorous plants give heavy yields. A good variety for the south. Developed in 1963.

SOLD OUT Ozark Giant - What a pepper! This variety produces huge, long bell peppers that have delicious, thick flesh. They start out green and turn bright red. Very productive plants and great flavor will make this old Ozark variety a favorite.

Red Marconi - 80 days. A late Italian pepper that yields big 7-inch long tapering fruit; very sweet and great for frying or fresh!

Sweet Yellow Stuffing Pepper - This amazing little pepper comes to us from an Amish grower of Indiana. The seed was passed down to her from her grandmother, whom she fondly remembers growing these peppers in the 1950s in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The very productive plants produce the cutest little mini bell-shaped peppers, only 1-2 inches across! Ester uses these to make wonderful stuffed and pickled peppers!

Has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Good for immune system and lymphatic system because it stimulates white blood cells.   Useful for colic, colds, flu, and snakebites.

Chocolate Mint Herb - This is a very strong mint used for teas.  It has a smell like a peppermint patty.  Add fresh leaves to strawberries for a special treat!  Great dried and added to black tea or used by itself.  Easy to grow, spreads rapidly.

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